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Analyze the quality of teacher-child interactions in

  1. Complete & enter your CLASS™ assessment.
  2. Use reports & graphs to determine areas to improve.
  3. Improve & avoid re-competition.

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See where you stand. Set & view domains with thresholds for national, agency, and re-competition thresholds.

ID Scanning

ID Scanning for Attendance & Meal Counts

Save time & ensure accurate attendance. Automatically check children in & out each day with ID Scanning. Use ID cards for meal counts at point of service.

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Print identification cards directly from Include the child’s photo, Center, Classroom, Allergies, and Release to Adults information.

Family Engagement Outcomes

Family Engagement Outcomes

Track family engagement gains and find areas for improvement. Get a quick start with built-in assessments or customize your own.

Learn more about Family Engagement Outcomes.

File Attachments

Look at a child's file without leaving your desk. Attach scanned documents such as:

  • Signed Consent Forms.
  • Birth Certificates.
  • Immunization records.
  • Income Verification Forms.
  • Or attach any document you need!

Easily determine who is missing what documents.

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File Attachments

Internal Monitoring Suite

Prepare for and resolve issues before your triennial review.

  • Monitor your site with built-in OHS protocol or create custom checklists.
  • Identify areas of concern with informative reports.
  • Follow-up and resolve issues before your triennial review.

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Watch the Monitoring Reports Video

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Internal Monitoring Suite



See your agency’s key data all on 1 screen.

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Look at overall data or drill down to find problems.

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